“This new earpiece/surveillance kit technology is the best I’ve ever experienced during my time in this game. Most of the stuff we are using is seriously outdated especially when you consider what modern technology does for us in every other area of our lives.
-It is light and very durable with medical grade quality. -No more air fatigue and itchy slippery parts to deal with
-You no longer have to sacrifice hearing in one of your ears when wearing your kit
. No more noise leakage issues because the sound doesn’t travel through a tube or rather it’s a stereo in your ear like every other earpiece you have.
Just all-around way more comfortable, Waymore durable, Waymore technologically advanced and way better technology than most guys are operating with out in the field right now. The Europeans beat us to the punch America, many agents overseas are already running the “N•ear 360” system. 
I wouldn’t put my name on it if I couldn’t back it up! You will be very happy with this piece of kit! 

Byron Rodgers, Executive Protection Specialst,