Ear fatigue and poor radio communication.

Stealth360 for radio/walkie with a custom mold ear tip.

“When I was first introduced to the product I was a bit sceptic. Earpiece and cables are really
small/thin and looks fragile. But after I send 3 head sets out with our venue managers they
would not give them back. Most of them used to have irritated ears after long hours of use, but
this all stopped when they started using Stealth360.
Sound quality and comfort is superior in any way to our old headsets, and most important of all
– happy employees and no breakdowns.”

Anders Mortensen, Head of Production, VEGA

“A really comfortable and a mazing headset. No sore ears. Great quality and sound”

Cæcilie Smith Frederiksen, Venue Manager, VEGA

“Great comfort – even after many hours of use. You do not feel like you’re wearing it. Sound is
clear and good. Greater discretion towards customers”

Tobias Agger, Venue Manager, VEGA

Vega is knows as one of the leading concert stages in
Europe. It has been named the best concert venue in Europe
by yje international music magazine Live. Vega has more
than 300.000 visiting guests per year.