About Us

We design simple high-tech products, that meet the needs of our customers, and provide top quality sound and great wearing comfort.

Our mission is to set a new high standard for 2-way radio accessories.



We improve critical communication.



We invent and create high quality ear pieces and other accessories for two-way radios.



We’re intrigued by designing simple high quality products, that can help people who protects people to focus solely on their task.

A strong partnership is very important to us. We worked together for 9 years before we founded N-ear, and our partnership is based on credibility, dedication and professionalism.

Founder of N-ear


We believe that creating a great communication experience requires quality products and insight in the essential needs of the customer.

Founder of N-ear


A Team of Experts Behind the Wheel

Mads is one of the most acknowledged sound engineers in Denmark. He is Denmark’s leading in-ear-monitoring expert, and his great knowledge of the technical aspect of sound has often been the starting point for the innovation of new products.

Jesper has worked in the music industry and the governmental sector for many years with a focus on business development. He has a graduate diploma in process management and economics.

We started working together in
2007 with the establishment of the company Adapto ApS, which today remains the leading supplier of in-ear monitors for the music industry in Denmark.


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