Covert, durable and best in class … The Stealth360 earpiece will blow your mind!

Follow top executive protections teams around the world, and upgrade your radio communication with the Stealth360 earpiece from N-ear

Work like elite protection teams around the world

Stealth360 is the best earpiece for 2-way radios. It’s a premium solution for professionals within the security, protection and law enforcement industries.

Great user feedback from The Royal Mounted Canadian Police (RMCP)

RMCP have provided us with some great feedback regarding our Stealth360 earpiece. We're delighed to share it with you  ... "We have assessed all available earpieces on the market and tested each, the N-Ear Stealth was the best by far in our field testing. Not only in...

CASE: Vega Concert Hall

PROBLEM: Ear fatigue and poor radio communication. SOLUTION: Stealth360 for radio/walkie with a custom mold ear tip. USER TESTIMONIAL: "When I was first introduced to the product I was a bit sceptic. Earpiece and cables are really small/thin...

CASE: Tivoli

PROBLEM: Tivoli did not have an exact problem with their existing ear pieces, but we approached them and told them about the benefits of Stealth360. Carsten Sylvest (Head of Security) was interested in trying the Stealth360. And so he did. SOLUTION: Stealth360 for...

CASE: The Concert Hall Aarhus

PROBLEM: The Concert Hall had problems with the speakers they used for two-way radio communication. They were uncomfortable - especially during long shifts - and at the same time the sound quality was bad, which meant that the security guards...

#1 Great Comfort

Stealth360 offers optimum comfort with no ear fatigue. The ear piece is designed to wear all day

#2 Situational Awareness

Stealth360 is based on micro speaker technology and it’s so tiny that it won’t block your ear. With a Stealth360 you can hear both your radio and your sourroundings.

#3 Discrete

Stealth360 is placed in the ear canal, which makes it almost invisble.

#4 Unique Audio Signature

Stealth360 offers a unique audio signature based on patended micro speaker technology, and optimized for speach clarity.

#5 Secure fit

Stealth360 offers a secure fit based on the patended cable bend.

#6 High Durability

Stealth 360 offers high durability, including a Kevlar and Technora fiber reinforced cable strain relief

Available in a DUAL version (both ears)

Get the DUAL version of Stealth360 for even better comfort, fit, discreteness and audio experience

2 year warranty

The Stealth360 earpiece have been heavily tested in both CP/EP and tactical environments, and it offers high durability with Kevlar and Technora fiber reinforced cable strain relief.

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FDA Approved

The Stealth360 earpiece is a certified premium earpiece for professional use.

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Patended Technology

The Stealth360 earpiece is based on patented micro speaker technology and unique cable innovation.

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